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Keynote Speakers 2019
Dr. Lily Y. Young (Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University, NJ)
Dr. Sonia Saavedra (Retired Chief for Infectious Diseases, VeteransHospital, PR)

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


PRIMER invites you to our annual symposium at UAGM-Gurabo

PRIMER invites you to our annual symposium at UAGM-Gurabo


We have been hit hard by nature. We must embrace strategies to improve life for all and find a collaborative way to do everything better.

Nowadays, disciplines seek to combine innovative solutions to face environmental challenges to life on Earth. Every day, profound scientific initiatives disclose microbial properties that are valuable to understand and to deal with environmental constraints that mankind experience. Therefore, we are convening international and local researchers, within an interdisciplinary scenario, to discuss microbial influences with
interconnections shaping life. We take this opportunity to examine scientific advances towards environmental balances, sustainable development, and societal progress with lessons for innovation. New discoveries are achieved by searching for frontiers in environmental microbiology. We, at Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto del Gurabo (formerly Universidad del Turabo) and the Puerto Rico Institute for Microbial Ecology Research (PRIMER), recognize our responsibility to search for and carry out research that will provide solutions to environmental constraints and descriptions of novel and intriguing biological phenomena. This is a task for multiple disciplines and a commitment for the global scientific community to achieve transformations.

PRIMER pursues a better understanding of microbial roles within the Neotropical environment with global impact. We invite you to be part of this journey:

XII Frontiers in Environmental Microbiology
Friday, March 15, 2019  Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto del Gurabo  Gurabo, PR
9 AM-2 PM  Museo y Centro de Estudios Humanísticos Dra. Josefina Camacho De la Nuez

Presented by

Puerto Rico Institute for Microbial Ecology Research • School of Natural Sciences and Technology, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo, Gurabo, PR

Puerto Rico Institute for Microbial Ecology Research, Student Chapter (affiliated to Puerto Rico Microbiologist Society and American Society for Microbiology)

PRIMER Tropical Bioprospecting Venture for Agricultural Innovation is funded by Hispanic Serving Institutions Program at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture (Award 2015-38422-24076) to Dr. Pérez-Jiménez (UAGM-Gurabo, PR).
PRIMER Interconnections Shaping Life History Strategies / PRIMER Interdisciplinary Research Institute is funded by Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program of the United States Department of Education (Award P120A160097) to Dr. Pérez-Jiménez (UAGM-Gurabo, PR).